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Fusion Financials

Fusion Financials can be termed as a complete financial management solution in the software ecosystem. Basically, it includes a standard-based platform for customers to increase the business agility and business processes. It also revolutionizes the productivity and information access with native, real-time intelligence and Fusion Financials also include broader suites of applications. Fusion Financials is determined as a modular suite of financial applications which are designed to work for a complete financial solution or as modular extensions for our existing financial applications portfolio.

Important aspects of Fusion Financials:

Fusion Financials is designed to work side by side with other Oracle Fusion Applications. Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub provides an opportunity to leverage the information access capabilities of Fusion Financials while keeping our existing portfolio in that place. Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub also allows us to aggregate data from any multiple-general-ledger environment, whether it might be Oracle or non-Oracle.

Fusion Financials reduces the time which is wasted on ineffective searches by arming users with the precise information they need at the right time. Generally, the configurable, role-based dashboards consolidate the information from a variety of sources, by proactively monitoring processes, and by pushing exceptions to various finance roles so they can take immediate action simultaneously. All users will know exactly what they need to do just by logging in. With the Fusion Financials, the system does more of the thinking for which we are providing real-time intelligence within the context of a business transaction to guide your decisions.

Finance organizations are constantly trying to find ways which are to be more productive and to do more with less impact. So the transaction processing still dominates the much of finance’s workload.  Fusion Financials dramatically lowers the costs of resource-intensive tasks in a native spreadsheet, as technology provides a natural extension to transactional entry to support high-volume data entry across the most finance functions. By thinking innovative out-of-the-box imaging integration dramatically improves invoice processing and eliminates the need for costly third-party solutions. Basically, Fusion Financials is designed to work for the finance users who will work on a daily basis. Because all pages are configurable and are optimized for the most productive user experience simultaneously.

Accessing the information is different in Fusion Financials. Because users will be no longer need to depend on IT involvement to create reports or queries. So finance users absolutely can engage themselves to gain access regarding through fusion financial reports and estimated report snapshots by a secure, self-authorized reporting center. As other users can easily create their own ad-hoc transactional queries by using predefined business views that are used in quite common business language specifically designed for nontechnical users to understand.

Finance users are especially those who are doing heads-down data entry, while often have a limited information to the complete transactions. Gradually studies will show that users can waste up to 25 percent of their day searching for data, and also companies can spend the equivalent amount of 10 percent of salary expenses on employees by performing ineffective searches.

There are very different reporting needs within the finance organization. The Chief Financial Officer also needs the professional-quality financial statements, financial analysts also need to analyze ledger balances, and basically other users need to perform ad-hoc transactional queries. That is a common complaint from all these professionals is that the data is dispersed across multiple sources and which is outdated, inaccurate, and time consuming to gather. One of the best finest parts of reporting is the way that data is summarized with tree-like capability, which allows us to see data at any level of detail and actually by seeing the balances. This goes the way beyond some of the things

Fusion Financials also delivers a state-of-the-art reporting platform which is natively built on the top of an analytic data model. By a single-step posting from transactions which is to be the analytic data model ensures  the consistent, timely, and accurate information for both management and as well as external reporting. So all the reports work will be of the same data source and also which supports drill-downs to live source transactions.

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