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Oracle Fusion Financials General Ledger

Here are the features and benefits of Oracle Fusion Financial for General Ledger Module.

  1. Real Time Updates: User can access the real time data after posting the entry in the system. It also analyses quickly the balances at each level and provides chart level details in the hierarchy of the accounts. Hence it becomes one stop support for receiving, analyzing and disseminating of the information.
  2. Dashboard for General Accounting: It gives a holistic view of all journal posting and offers proper attention to the desired areas. For example incomplete transactions, over exceeded threshold entries, sub ledger status will automatically be highlighted in the system. It saves time and effort from searching multiple sheets in the system.
  3. Status Monitoring: Oracle Fusion Financial keeps a clear eye on the various statuses and closes it immediately from a central location. It takes the real cause of outstanding ledgers or uneven balances and completes them by drilling down the transactions.
  4. Account Monitoring: It gives the action alert if the required threshold increases at any place and the user can adopt the corrective measures instantly. Identification of the root cause is the most compelling features in this module of Oracle Fusion Financial.
  5. Maintaining Account Hierarchies: Here different versions of the accounts are maintained to make it compatible with ongoing organizational changes. It synchronizes the charts with multiple versions and provides the comparisons to do required research work.
  6. Projection of Journal Entries: While the user makes the entry in the system, it provides the projection of the impact on the balances available in the account. It facilitates the long term planning of the accounts.

All the above mentioned features improve the performance in manifold ways in an accounting environment for the organization. It also minimizes the inconsistencies and anomalies in the account management. Hence accounting system becomes robust.

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