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Oracle Fusion Tutorial

Oracle Fusion is determined as a suite of applications which are derived & introduced from oracle. Oracle Fusion offers an upgrade path for its E-Business suites and its applications which are usable for companies like People’s Soft, Siebel, J.D Edwards in a standardized way.

Oracle Fusion basically comprises of three major functionalities which are categorized in below mentioned following aspects: 

Oracle Fusion Architecture

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Architecture (OFA):

Oracle Fusion Architecture is a standardized technology which can be used as comprehensive reference architecture and also as a blueprint for building applications. Actually, this is not a product and   it can be used without licensing it from oracle. Many companies are using it, to write and build applications that which can be run on Oracle Fusion Middleware or the complement of Oracle Fusion Applications. Due to  this the oracle fusion is not only moving to the next generation technologies but also for  stack like SOA, BPEL, BAM, JSF, Ajax, ESB, etc will all bring together the best in class underpinnings, of each of the incumbent functions, like Business algorithm, Security flowchart, Workflow manner, and Event Modules in Fusion Architecture Ecosystem.

Oracle Fusion Architecture is based on the some of the summarized core principles and functions:

Model Driven: It is necessary for applications, business processes, and business information

Service & Event- enabled: It is useful for extensible, modular, flexible applications and processes

Information Centric: It is required to be complete and consistent, actionable, real-time intelligence

Grid-Ready: It must be scalable, available, secure, and manageable on low-cost hardware

Standards-based: It should be open, pluggable in a heterogeneous environment

Oracle Fusion Architecture’s like SOA and EDA (event-driven architecture) technologies comprises of following features simultaneously:

It provides an integrated service environment (ISE) to develop services

It is a multi-protocol enterprise service bus (ESB) to integrate applications

It ensures the services registry for discovering and managing the life cycle of services

It contains a BPEL-based orchestration engine to tie services into business processes

It also establishes a business rules engine to enable business policies to be captured and automated

It offers web services management and security solution to enforce authenticated policies of  services and also to coordinate the services and processes for complaints purpose to SLAs

Oracle Fusion Middleware:

Oracle Fusion Middleware generally termed as Oracle Application Server previously. Oracle Fusion Middleware consists a family of middleware products which covers the basic areas like BI, Identity Management, Content Management and SOA. Basically, each of these areas has its own stack of products and services.

Oracle Fusion Applications:

Oracle Fusion Applications provides a complete suite of spanning over seven critical business areas which specifically consists of 100+ Oracle Fusion Applications modules which are targeted for the first release through Oracle Fusion. It is also termed as Oracle’s next generation suite of applications which eventually replace’s the E-Business Suite and also generally fusion applications is built on top of the Oracle Fusion Middleware technology stack by using Oracle’s Fusion Architecture as blueprint terminology

Oracle Fusion Applications contains some product families which are distributed among following functions:

Financial management

Supply chain management


Human capital management

Project portfolio management

Sales and Marketing

Governance, risk, and compliance

Enterprise performance management

Oracle Fusion Tutorial:

We offer the high-quality services regarding Oracle Fusion through our online tutorial and web-portal. Basically, we want our end users like students, technocrats, employees  to be hassle free and smart minded by using our online videos  and lectures so it basically saves the time and also   you can get access to our services  anywhere at any time  within the world, with full-fledged internet security access. Generally through e-learning and classroom web training it enables the end users to learn simple steps with digital methodology instead of learning through traditional classroom training in today’s busy life, so because of this aspect even they will get trained very well by upgrading their skill set through using real time projects, lab facilities and also we provide oracle fusion training through our experienced industry experts and faculty across globe. We are glad to say that because of our services to professionals, we are renowned as one of the top online web tutorials and trainers in the platform of data technology industry.

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